Toast Gang - Kai, Archie & Nak - PLTFRM UK

Who are Toast Gang?

Toast Gang are only 66.6% from the UK, but after listening to their music we knew we had to connect. The group is made up of Archie (@805clout), Nak (@805nak) and Kai (@805kai), and you’ll find their track “Goofy” inside our Spotify playlist.

But who are Toast Gang? We decided it was time to find out by asking them ten quick-fire questions…

How old are you?

  • Archie: 17, approaching 18
  • Nak: 16
  • Kai: 18 years old

Where are you from?

  • Archie: Liverpool
  • Nak: Liverpool
  • Kai: Los Angeles

What are three things you love?

  • Archie: I’ve always been a fan of music, so that’s an obvious one. Not to mention music videos. I have a huge interest in them. I edit and direct all the Toast Gang videos along with being an artist – so that’s another hobby. Lastly, I’d have to say something cliché like spending time with people I love and remaining productive.
  • Nak: My girl, family, music.
  • Kai: Karma, Alchemy, Imagination.

What are three things you hate?

  • Archie: Going off what I just said, not being productive. Couldn’t sit there all day and watch TV. Don’t have it in me. I hate kids who drag you down. Who laugh and mock you but as soon as your song touches 50k they wanna be best mates. That’s always been funny to me. Just fake people in general.
  • Nak: Fake people, liars, anyone who hates me.
  • Kai: Ignorance, Arrogance, Klansmen.

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing instead?

  • Archie: If it wasn’t for music, sheesh, it’s hard to think. Music has took us so many places. I think videography. But then again, music lead me to that so I’m really not sure. I feel like I would’ve went down the merchandise route or clothing brand side of things.
  • Nak: Trying to learn to be a studio engineer.
  • Kai: Laying in a grave.

How would you describe your music in one word?

  • Archie: Spicy
  • Nak: Life-changing
  • Kai: Truth

Who makes up your team?

  • Archie: We got me (Yung Clout/Archie/805clout) with two of my best friends, brothers; 805Kai – that’s my boy out in LA, and can’t forget 805Nak – Liverpool.
  • Nak: 805clout, 805kai, okikibeats, majestic music.
  • Kai: Nak, the punani pleaser. Archie, the freemason archetype. And young Kai, the quiet soul that just stole your wife.

Which other UK artists (from outside your team) do you rate?

  • Archie: I fuck with Sneakbo, House of Pharaohs, Skepta, slowthai, Krept & Konan, and many more. The UK scene is going crazy right now. Too much talent.
  • Nak: Lotto Boyzz, Geko, NSG, Belly Squad, 5EB, Naira Marley, Octavian.
  • Kai: George Harrison from Liverpool, Jorja Smith from Walsall, Billy Idol from Middlesex, and Skepta from Tottenham.

Who is your favourite artist of all time?

  • Archie: That’s a tough one. I feel like there are many safe options – Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre – all of which would remain true. But honestly, I think that Tyler, The Creator inspired the business mindset, regarding clothes, videos and approach to music. Not necessarily his music, but his approach is genius.
  • Nak: Wizkid
  • Kai: Kendrick Lamar

What’s been the highlight of your music career so far?

  • Archie: Filming a music video at the Hollywood sign, the city behind us, just looking out and being shook. Like fuck… we’re really here. Our music flew us across the globe! Multiple shows in Los Angeles and the UK. Not many artists in the UK get to claim that now. And doing it with your brothers is a blessing. Being surrounded by so much talent and work ethic. Insane.
  • Nak: Performing in LA and getting over 80k streams on a project on Spotify alone.
  • Kai: Performing in Liverpool at The Magnet.

Now we know a little more about Toast Gang – including who likes to chat the most! You can find Toast Gang on Spotify, Instagram and Twitter.

And go and subscribe to their YouTube channel too! Their latest video for “Big Benz” is below, which was directed and edited by Archie Erskine himself.